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About us

You are there, in your ordinary routine,
maybe in the room, in the office,
walking around with cell phone in hand,
think about your next well-deserved vacation,
how to switch off, how to distract yourself,
how to have fun at least once a year!
On the other hand you and your family,
after so many sacrifices, you have earned it.

Search on the web: 'Dream Holidays';
“The top 10 of the most beautiful places on the planet”;
Travel offers; experiential tourism;
excursions; vacation packages;
all inclusive, and so on for hours.

A tsunami of information that invades your mind,
it almost makes you stop wanting to search.
You would just like to regenerate, rest,
instead you're still there typing frantically,
overwhelmed by doubt, by uncertainties
for the 'many beautiful offers'
maybe cheaply,
among which it is difficult to extricate oneself.
You are taken by the fear of being disappointed,
ripped off by such tempting offers.

I'm Riccardo, given the beautiful day and the sunlight coming in through the large soundproof windows of the 'Cat room', I can feel comfortable and write these few lines away from the traffic noise.
It's June, it's starting to get hot, I turn on the TV on a radio channel that broadcasts jazz music, I turn on the wi-fi, the air conditioning and, sitting on the comfortable armchair in front of the mirror, I browse the http site: // and other portals where I check that everything is well described and well photographed, I correct some text, update the latest photos, respond to guest feedback.
Every now and then a call comes, I get up, I take a walk in the common room, I often read the frame on the front door that says 'La Vie Est Belle', I drink a drop of fresh water, I open the window, the doors of the wardrobe in the Dream room.
The LED light, as usual, illuminates the inside of the wardrobe well.
I arrange the pillows on the double bed, the remote controls on the bedside table, soon the guests arrive, at the foot of the bed I have shampoo and soap for them.

Cristiana arrives at the entrance and rests on the large sofa a pile of hand towels, several small towels and some freshly washed, ironed and folded bathrobes with the Cat logo clearly visible.
Before long the fragrance and the scent of cleanliness will spread everywhere in the rooms,
both for daily cleaning but also thanks to the freshly changed sheets.

In the end, here we are!
'Il Gatto Sulla Finestra'
You will say that this is the umpteenth time where someone, with the ruffian name 'CAT', swears and promises to make your stay unforgettable, the best welcome you have ever experienced!
We can guarantee that we will not succeed!
at least not with everyone!
We will certainly improve someone's stay in Jesi!
... We have already done it (See feedback)

We are not here to ask when, why or how you like to be welcomed.
In fact, we're not even here to suggest our facility.
But if you want to sleep comfortably, quietly a stone's throw from the center, we are here for you.

Born practically behind the counter of a bar,
Riccardo and Cristiana, two nice little people,
they are lived 'ALWAYS' in contact with the public.

Passed through seasons of work in restaurants, hotels and residences,
today they dedicate their time to hospitality by managing 'Il Gatto Sulla Finestra', guest houses in Jesi, practically in the historic center, a wonderful medieval village located between the sea (30 km) and the mountains (30 km), which offers so much in terms of history, culture and why not! of leisure.
About us
The B&B

For years, in the Pau R. - Del Corpo C. home, an apartment of about 100 square meters was rented.
With few finishing touches, it was rented to family groups of different origins with 4 + 4 years contracts.
I believe that in about 25 years, always with the intention of hosting and helping people, they have hosted and changed contracts about fifteen times, already a sign of the tenants' difficulty in fulfilling their commitments.
In short, guests were unwilling to pay the rent!

The mortgage payments were going down, there was no way to stop them, the house was still to be paid, the current account often went red and the bank occasionally called for a 'cordial greeting'.
Work was scarce and the last contract in order of time was done in a hurry with a couple who, after less than a year paid with difficulty and dozens of friends who were staying at home, decided not to pay the rent anymore and to stick to the electric meter in the apartment above.

Maybe it's the age, maybe it took more than 9 months, a few thousand euros and several lawyers to exercise the eviction, but Riccardo and Cristiana make the leap into the DARK! ....

With the little energy and experience gained in various work activities, Riccardo begins to do maintenance work in the common areas of the building, he begins to remove the old plaster in the condominium staircase, under the stairs and entrance, both to renovate the environments, but also to more to annoy and inconvenience the defaulting tenants who just didn't want to leave.

It is undeniable,
the tension created in the period in which there was a shortage of funds, frequent quarrels with tenants and the great desire to turn the page, were the fuel to reach the set goal, 'create an accommodation facility', take care of it and manage it for well-being ours and the guests.
We were sure we could do it, we had already done it for many other structures, we were strong from our experiences in various hotels and residences.

The transition from an old leased apartment to a respectable accommodation facility took place within a few months.
The renovation of the bathroom, with colored mosaic tiles, large shower tray, LED mirror that makes the day, the renewal of the fixtures, the flooring of all the rooms, that turquoise tone, aqua green on the walls framed in white that characterizes the rooms, the mix and match style furnishings, the comfortable beds, the large wardrobes, the light points that enhance the rooms, the heating systems, air conditioning, TV and Wi-Fi, the themed furnishings, customized, and here is the 12 October 2017, we inaugurate “il Gatto Sulla Finestra”, a guest house in Jesi a stone's throw from the center.

Many things influenced the idea and the birth of The Cat on the Window, certainly some TV shows such as Brothers in Business, A Couple in Business, Take it or leave it, Nightmare Homes, Treehouse Masters, Nightmare Hotels and many other programs that they talk about houses or management of accommodation facilities.
I think they have whetted the imagination, creativity of Cristiana and her decisions to think, design, buy materials and create 'Il Gatto sulla Finestra'.
Without her I would never have been able to find the right balance, so appreciated by the guests, between functionality and pleasantness of the rooms.
The B&B
Our Story & Culture

When Paolo and Veronica returned home from their vacation at Gatto sulla Finestra in Jesi in the Marche region, they immediately realized how painful it could be to return to the city, to daily life, to hard work, to the usual routine.
This, as you can imagine, caused in them a sense of frustration of stress that a few days ago, having set foot in Jesi, had literally abandoned them.
Long walks, happy hours in the evening, visits to museums, mountain bike excursions, that little escapade to the sea not far away, under the Conero, the tasting tour and that extra drop of wine, and finally tired but happy, the return home, to 'Gatto sulla Finestra' away from the chaos of the city to pamper themself a bit.

Veronica decided to tell Paolo that he shouldn't worry, that soon they would be able to afford another vacation together. On the other hand, an ordinary 'Gatto sulla Finestra' in a beautiful town like Jesi would have found it right ?!
In her heart Veronica knew very well that she had told a little lie for a good purpose. An happy combination between the town that hosts you and the structure that welcomes you was impossible to find elsewhere. Thinking about it, it had never happened in their life as travelers / tourists, and they had made travels!

Those stony villages, the narrow streets where you can get lost, the enveloping architectures, the historic buildings open, full of art, history and culture, the bishop's seat, the churches, the squares where the clubs look out in the evening, the kind, welcoming people, a mix that goes beyond the clamor of a waterfront whatever it is, crowded and always the same.
They both knew that that state of grace, that veil of beauty that envelops everything would remain a unique experience.

They still did not know, but after some time they would have realized that the welcome of those places had transformed them. They realized they were kinder to the people they met, more condescending, relaxed, affable, they began to think that here the places and the welcome they received were contagious, it had certainly transformed them.

What they carried inside began to resonate around, in their city, at work, in bars, they told friends and relatives not so much the splendid places they visited, but the
sensations that those places transmitted, they told the amazement in visiting the Pinacoteca, the gallery of the stuccos,
the theater, the cathedral, the museums, told of local sayings and legends, of historical characters born in Jesi,
of tastings and the food and wine specialties of the Marche region, then, with a smile on her face, Veronica told of
returning home in the evening, a well-deserved rest at the 'Gatto sulla Finestra', beautiful, welcoming, with that
comfortable, fragrant bed and that feeling of timeless living, satisfied.

“It has already happened, continuing to work to make this happen again is our mission”. Riccardo and Cristiana
La Nostra Cultura
Excellent quality shared by our loved clients in the most famous platforms
Lia Rusu
Lia Rusu
Accogliente e moolto bello. Più bello delle foto. Tutto pulito e ordinato. Uno stile molto carino. La proprietaria molto gentile.
Luca Bastioni
Luca Bastioni
Esperienza fantastica. Ho alloggiato insieme ad altri 5 miei amici e siamo d'accordo sul fatto che sicuramente, se qualcuno di noi dovesse tornare a Jesi, sarebbe la prima sistemazione che contatterebbe.
Ginetta Pioli
Ginetta Pioli
La posizione è ottima proprio a due passi dal centro. L'ambiente è molto accogliente e curato nei minimi particolari. Massima pulizia. I proprietari sono molto cordiali e disponibili. Consigliatissimo
Barbara Schiavon
Barbara Schiavon
Meraviglioso!!! Ci siamo stati lo scorso weekend. Pulitissimo, tutto nuovo, cura dei particolari quasi maniacale. Cristiana e Riccardo, i proprietari, si fanno in quattro per soddisfare ogni esigenza. Sicuramente ci torneremo!!!
Bed & Breakfast Jesi
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